Protect the Transportation Fringe Benefit

Tell Congress Not to Tax Workers on their Way to Work

In 2016, commuters across the nation rejoiced when Congress passed and the President signed legislation establishing permanent parity between the transit benefit and parking benefit, raising the cap on transit and vanpool benefits to $255.

Unfortunately, our work isn’t done. As Congress reconsiders the entirety of commuter benefits as part of comprehensive tax reform the commuter benefit is at risk of disappearing for good. Tax reform efforts are focused on eliminating many provisions of the tax code, including transportation fringe benefits that cover parking, transit, and vanpools. Early indications are that the proposed package may revoke the section of the tax code that allows for pre-tax commuter benefits altogether.

Please take a moment to click on this link and let your representatives in Congress know that you appreciate them supporting commuters across the country with regard to parity, and that the continuation of pre-tax commuter benefits is important to you

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