Urge Congress to Support Better Planning and Pass HR 1346

Stop Overbearing Planning Rule From Taking Your Voice Away

This legislation would repeal an Obama Administration ruling that requires metropolitan planning organizations to significantly enhance the level of coordination in a way that would hurt local voices. While in theory, regional coordination is desired and supported by ACT. The ruling requires MPOs to at a minimum, develop common long-range plans, Transportation Improvement Programs and performance targets. This would, in effect, create much larger planning areas and risks watering down the voice of local elected officials in the regional planning process.

The rule would also create a situation where the interests of many regions and its constituent subregions could be lost in the shuffle of a large "super-regional" planning entity.  This proposed rule does nothing to discuss integrating new stakeholders like TMAs, employers, or other entities into the planning process and as mentioned before, makes the planning process so ‘big’ that these stakeholders who are often already overwhelmed by the process will be further obfuscated.

Further, the final rule does little to clear up transparency and governance issues. It simply will involve more public bodies who will fight for their share of the pie rather than develop strategic planning documents.

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